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Sublocade injections for opioid addiction are increasingly popular as a means of treating and managing opioid use disorder. It is a type of partial agonist drug prescribed to help prevent opioid cravings and manage withdrawal symptoms. This medication works by binding to the same receptors in the brain that opioids interact with. When this is done, it provides relief from cravings while reducing the risk of overdose.

Sublocade is an injectable form of buprenorphine, an opioid partial agonist drug. It is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. It's also combined with other medications, such as naltrexone or buprenorphine/naloxone, to treat opioid addiction. 

Break Free From Opioid Addiction with Sublocade Injections

SUBLOCADE contains a small amount of partial opioid agonist, which attaches to brain receptors and blocks other opioids from attaching to the same receptors.

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How Does Sublocade Injections Help With Addiction?

Sublocade is an extended-release medication that slowly releases buprenorphine over the course of one month. This makes it easier to adhere to treatment as it eliminates the need for daily dosing. This also reduces the risk of misuse. Sublocade works by tricking the brain into thinking a full agonist opioid like oxycodone or heroin has been taken. This ultimately helps suppress cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid use disorder. However, Sublocade should be used in conjunction with counseling and other services to promote lasting sobriety for the best results.

Opioids are a powerful group of drugs. Unfortunately, their overuse and misuse have skyrocketed in recent decades. This has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths due to overdoses annually. That’s why Sublocade injections have become so important. They offer an effective way for people struggling with substance use disorder to find lasting relief from their cravings so they can focus on recovery more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sublocade Injections

What Are The Benefits of Sublocade Injections?

Sublocade injections are designed as medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for those fighting opioid addiction. They provide an extended-release buprenorphine injection that minimizes intense opioid cravings. This allows for improved patient compliance and longer treatment periods. Furthermore, Sublocade injections help to reduce the risks associated with opiate overdose.

Sublocade injections help in preventing opioid cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid use disorder. They do this by providing the brain with a partial agonist. By mimicking a full agonist, such as heroin or oxycodone, Sublocade tricks the brain. This, in return, reduces withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It can also relieve pain while having less abuse potential than full agonists.

Sublocade injections represent an invaluable tool in reducing the devastating effects of opioid use disorder on individuals and communities across America. Its integration of medication management and psychosocial support while providing consistent dosing levels over time makes it indispensable for individuals struggling with opioid addiction.

How Does Sublocade Help With Opioid Addiction?

Sublocade is a once-a-month injection that differs from other forms of buprenorphine, such as Suboxone or Subutex. As an opioid partial agonist, it binds with mu-opioid receptors but does not activate them. This differs from other buprenorphine that activates the receptors and provides pain relief. Instead, Sublocade helps deceive the brain into thinking that full agonists such as oxycodone or heroin have been taken. It does this while providing no euphoric effects while providing pain relief associated with these drugs.

While Narcan and Naloxone are treatments for opioid overdose, they work differently from Sublocade. Narcan and Naloxone block mu opioid receptors while Sublocade only binds to them without activating them fully, avoiding the possibility of overdose.

Sublocade injections provide a safe and effective way to treat opioid addiction. It does this while producing lasting results with minimal side effects. It should only be used as prescribed under the supervision of your doctor as part of an overall treatment plan. This treatment plan should include counseling or therapy to achieve a successful recovery from opioid dependence.

Studies show that Sublocade injections are highly effective in reducing rates of relapse among patients suffering from opioid addiction and can be used in conjunction with counseling or therapy for lasting sobriety. If you or a loved one suffers from opioid addiction, you should reach out. Here at Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation, we work with patients to devise a plan that best suits their needs. Our team of experts will devise a custom plan to help you beat your addiction and get your life back. Call 704-817-6676 to find out more.

Why Choose Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation For Sublocade Injections?

Many people choose Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation for their Sublocade injections. Our experienced medical staff administers the injections with compassion. Furthermore, we provide education on how to use the medication along with mitigation strategies to prevent relapse.

Opioids are potent drugs that offer pain relief, sedation, and respiratory depression. At higher doses, however, they can slow breathing significantly, and overdoses can be fatal if left untreated. Unfortunately, overuse and misuse have increased in recent decades. We want to change that by providing various treatment options for those with substance abuse disorder.

Premier Spine Pain & Rehabilitation offers compassionate care alongside cutting-edge treatments like Sublocade, tailor-made for each patient's needs. By addressing underlying issues related to substance use disorder and providing relief from cravings, we help our patients move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Sublocade injections are a safe and effective tool for managing opioid addiction. When compared to other forms of treatment, Sublocade injections offer many advantages. If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, it's crucial to consult a healthcare professional. We can help you determine the most effective treatment option to keep you safe and support your journey to sobriety.

Why Choose Premier Spine Pain And Rehabilitation for Sublocade Injections?

Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation offers compassionate care and innovative treatment options tailored to each patient's unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about Sublocade injections and how they can help treat opioid addiction.

We would be happy to discuss our Sublocade injections and other medication-assisted treatment options. There are many benefits to all of the different options, which is why it is so important that you reach out. Don't try to quit opioids on your own. This can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Reach out for help. Our staff is here, ready to work with you or your loved one to help you beat opioid addiction.

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