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What is a physiatrist?

Basically, a physiatrist (fiz-EYE-a-trist), also known as a rehabilitation physician, is actually a medical doctor with an expertise in diagnosing and restoring function following injuries or illnesses.

Rehabilitation physicians are experts with nerve, muscle, and bone injuries or illnesses affecting movement. These specialists have completed training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). With an awareness of the body as a whole, they can more accurately pinpoint problems, decrease pain, and increase performance without surgery.

Rehabilitation physicians treat a variety of problems including sore shoulders and spinal cord injuries. Physicians take the necessary time to locate the source of an ailment, then design a treatment plan to be carried out by individual patients or with assistance from a rehabilitation physician’s medical team. These teams may include other physicians and/or health professionals, including neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists.

By utilizing appropriate treatment plans, a rehabilitation physician can help a patient stay as active as possible regardless of age. Having a broad medical expertise allows them to treat severe and disabling conditions at any point in one's lifetime.

How can a physiatrist help you?

  • Increase function lost due to injury, illness, or a disabling condition
  • Treat the person as a whole, not just an injured area
  • Lead a medical professional staff
  • Provide treatments without surgery
  • Explain your medical condition and an appropriate treatment plan
  • Work on both treatment as well as prevention

How is Premier Spine, Pain & Rehabilitation Different from other practices?

We believe that interventional pain management needs a multidisciplinary approach that includes coordination between a team of health care professionals and a patient’s primary physician while aiming to provide a full range of treatments and services for dealing with sufferers of acute or chronic pain.

Interventional pain management goals are relieving, reducing, or managing pain and improving one's overall quality of life by means of minimally invasive and non-operative techniques focused on diagnosing and treating painful conditions. This practice also strives to return patients to everyday activities without a reliance on medications.

Some states of pain may not respond to interventions and could require chronic opioid therapy. We work closely with primary physicians to recommend a pain management prescription that both patients and physicians will be comfortable with. We also provide complete management of musculoskeletal conditions, coordinate and monitor therapy specific to each diagnosis, and evaluate the effectiveness of past therapies and treatments.

Why visit a physiatrist or rehabilitation physician?

  • Accidents or injuries, chronic conditions that include pain or limited function
  • Contemplation or recovery from surgery
  • Illnesses or treatments resulting in diminished energy or movement
  • Recovery from strokes or other types of nerve damage
  • Chronic pain from arthritis, repetitive stress, or back problems
  • Obesity leading to difficulties with exercise or other health problems
  • Difficulties with exercise due to age
  • Natural life changes including childbirth or menopause and causing new challenges with physical function or movement
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